The picture on the left was 7 years ago. It seems like yesterday, yet feels as though this person is a million miles away from here... It is not a sprint. It absolutely is a journey to find the way into your higher being, the center of your heart, your beautiful soul.

Of the 7 years, this year has been the hardest. I've shed so much, but I find myself still pulling off layers without warning. There is no better feeling than getting to know yourself-all of you-your true soul-and having tea together as often as possible.  

Keep going. Keep showing up for yourself. Keep opening the door and sitting together for tea. You are worth it.

So how do you get there? How do you go from feeling like you can't to believing that you can?????  That's all you need you know.  Just the belief that you can.  When is the last time you belived in yourself?

These same struggles are what led me into opening Zag Fitness, and helping people just like me find themselves again. We get lost along the way..with work, family, parenting..who has the time to take care of ourselves the way we should?? My passion comes from rediscovery.  After trying and failing, struggling and battling with obesity within my own life for many years, I began learning to love myself and only then was I able to maintain balance and consistancy.  My own experiences have guided me into helping people achieve happiness and aboslute wellness within themselves.