Beautiful. Diverse. Unique. 6/9 10-11:30am $20

We’re getting honest about gender and privilege. Having difficult conversations and adding knowledge around land mines lurking in these hard, triggering subjects. 

With privilege comes responsibility. The responsibility to bring awareness to groups that may not directly affect us. And, while many discussions about this word create the picture of social advantages, it expands further. With these privileges comes responsibility—my responsibility to engage in these conversations with openness, love, and acceptance.

This is in an invitation into an exploration of wellness for a community that for too long focused solely on survival, and an opportunity for healing our wounds and historical traumas. I feel great about this workshop and hope to turn the soil over through acceptance, love & understanding and begin to heal from the root creating the room for growth. My idea is simply that we people are all people, and having a class that is safe, accepting and welcoming of everyone and anyone—to be. This class is open to anybody who cares to be a part of this. Your presence is an act of support. Your engagement is allyship. This is unity.

For more info call 860.922.8811 or email