Noticing the light within the darkness

I’m feeling especially grateful this morning. Several things have come my way in life, amazing things and not so amazing things just like the rest of us. But this weekend we celebrate my daughter‘s college graduation. As plenty of us parents know, this is a milestone in the making that begins taking shape from a very young age and we work towards with encouragement and the idea of big dreams along the way.

Being able to watch my daughter step into the beginning of her next chapter is a gift and I am blessed to witness it.
It’s these moments that cause me to pause, allow time for stillness and reflect back on the journey that we’ve taken leading up to this. So many twists and turns. So many things that have changed and shaped who we are and what we believe. What we value. What we hold dear.

Looking back I remember feeling attached to test scores and party invites and all of these things that at the time I thought were measures of her success. Her success meant something in my head that I was a good parent. They validated and proved my worthiness. As a mom. As a human.

I’m reminded that these moments of gratitude and bliss are fueled from life’s twists and turns. They insert themselves into our lives at times when we don’t think we can handle them. It’s through our struggles that we become strong. That we are able to develop skills and learn to cope with difficulties differently. By being still. By giving our mind time to listen. We are able to hear the answers. To keep pushing. To find clarity. To feel abundance and gratitude.

I am so grateful to be living the life I live today and be surrounded by people that I love and that love me back. I no longer need a ruler to measure my worth. I no longer need validation through test scores or college degrees that prove that I did a good job as a parent. It doesn’t matter to me what score or what career a person has. It matters that their heart is pure. That they’re honest. That they are comfortable in their own skin. And that they’re working towards a life of love and happiness. I’ve said before whether you are the CEO of Apple or McDonald's drive through teller, your heart is still the same. College grad or not so much-the love remains the same. Your circumstances don't make you loveable. You do.

Know that no matter how hard the journey is there is light. Light gets to exist with the darkness. You don’t have to choose between them, but you do get to decide what fills more of your space–either the light or the darkness.

It’s easy for me during these times of thankfulness to realize that my darkness stays in the corner of the room while the light fills the center. If this isn’t your case,
know that it’s temporary. Stick with it and find your way through the fog. Through your darkness. To gratitude and abundance.